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This is a personal project I worked at the end of last year, but only now got to create the video because of Sculpt January, haha.
It is a deviation from the original Lancelot concept but it is inspired though.

He is a knight armor/robot with a human soul, living in constant struggle with his mind... He deeply loves one he can't be with. The one who makes him cry fire, and fills his heart with sorrow as a fuel for his un-ending quest for battle. He will forever search for someone who can defeat him. But that is a tremendous dificult quest, for he is the most capable warrior who steped onto Avalon.

Hope you guys like it. The video can be a bit long. It was a study of Eevee render and lighting and composition, so maybe I got to carried way. But you can always speed up the video, haha!

Sculpted in Blender 2.8, textured and retopologised in 3DCoat and rendered with Eevee.

Music: Ofelia's Dream from

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