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MUJICA - Blender 2.8 Sculpture

This sculpture is a tribute to Pepe Mujica, who was a remarkable president of Uruguay, showing the world how a politician can be humble and live for his job, and not get rich with a public career. He is still alive and living in his old simple house, with his old Volkswagen Beetle, and happly. As president, he used to donate 90% of his salary to social housing contruction. His example should be spread around the world. [I wanted him be president of Brazil hahaha].

Likeness in 3D is quite hard for me, so I still think I could improve this model. But I will leave it as an exercise, and move to the next stuff. Oh! And, by the way, I will try to make timelapses of my next sculptures. I always think the recording software will reduce blender's performance and I keep postponing it. But next time I will try it!

Used Blender 2.8, eevee, and finished the video in Movie Studio Platinum.

Daniel aubert mujica thumbnail03

Eevee render

MUJICA - Blender 2.8 Sculpture Display

Daniel aubert main01

Cycles render

Daniel aubert eevee09

Eevee render

Daniel aubert opengl render

OpenGL render