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Anatomy and Pose Study

I made this study in Blender 2.81 latest builds. Pablo Dobarro has put a lot of work on improving sculpting performance. Now, if you zoom in in a part of the sculpture, the unseen part of the model gets hidden and this improves speed performance a lot. You can also manually hide parts of the model and you will get the same result. It is very useful for adding details.
In this piece I used the new remesh in sculpt mode. Got to almost 10 million polygons. And I think I could go one step further to add even more detail. I don’t think it would crash. But I had enough detail to work.
I started with a rigged simple base mesh I did last week to get the pose, then I started sculpting asymmetrically.
Rendered in Eevee.

Daniel aubert r01 copy
Daniel aubert r02 copy
Daniel aubert r03 copy
Daniel aubert r04 copy
Daniel aubert r05 copy
Daniel aubert r06 copy
Daniel aubert v01 copy
Daniel aubert v02 copy
Daniel aubert v03 copy
Daniel aubert v04 copy