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This is the Chef sculpture, which I made in Blender 2.8, almost 90% of it. I only had to use Blender 2.79 (the build version) to make the vertex paint, because it works much smoother. I am going to learn texture paint in high poly models with Yan Sculpt's course on texturing, though. And then, see if it works better in 2.8.

Blender 2.8 is working very good for sculpting already. The interface, matcaps, wireframe mode, cavity shading and so on are not only candy for the eyes, but they help you see your model better and improves the "feeling" of sculpting.

Rendering was made in Eevee. This new render engine is a game changer for Blender artists. :D

Anyways, if you're into 3D, check out Blender 2.8!! It is still in alpha but already stands out!!


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CHEF - Blender 2.8 Sculpture Display